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New Products

    Discovery dish

    Vanilla cupcake with red sugar flowers
    Price : 2000 FCFA only.


    Cocktail Juice Promotion

    This weekour honesy is in the spotlight.

    Beet - Carrot - Apple - Lemon - Ginger



    Our Fruity Blog

    Share your opinions with us on our passion

    • Cappuccino
      November 22 2019

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      The cappuccino (coffee mousse, in French, small Capuchin, in Italian) is a preparation of...

    • crêpe
      November 22 2019

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      The pancake is a dish composed of a very thin layer of dough made from flour (mainly wheat or...

    • Hot chocolate
      November 22 2019

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      Hot chocolate

      Hot chocolate is a hot drink made of chocolate or cocoa powder and sugar with water or cow's milk...

    • Milk-Shake
      November 22 2019

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      A milkshake or milkshake is a milkshake made from milk. It is usually prepared by adding fruits,...

    • The Churros
      November 22 2019

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      The Churros

      The churros are Spanish pastries. They come in the form of a fried dough in the shape of "big...

    • Waffle with potato
      November 22 2019

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      Waffle with potato

      A waffle is a dish of light dough cooked between two metal plates, hinged together by one or...

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      Our children are our little ones! They occupy a special place with us.

      Explore our online space dedicated to children which gives them access to a splendid universe of entertainment completely free.
      Puzzles, riddles, quizzes ... all kinds of games to give children wonderful moments of pleasure.
      And that's not all ! Kid's mag is still full of things like recipes, meals specially designed for children.

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      More than a company we are a family.

      At Fruitizz, we are not just building a business. We have been building a strong family and community team step by step since we started. CEOs, cooks, waiters and other collaborators ... together we are committed to working to create the best products, franchises and customer experiences possible. We are proud to be Fruitizz, we are proud to be a family.


      Fruitizz Steinmetz

      Boulevard Steinmetz, Cotonou
      +229 99 09 09 49

      Fruitizz Cocotiers

      Airport Road, Cotonou
      +229 66 75 47 47

      Fruitizz Guinkomey

      Dako Donou Street, Cotonou
      +229 94 28 48 48

      Fruitizz Fidjrossè

      Résidence Marie Stella
      +229 69 69 69 21

      Our hours

      • Monday..................7:00 am - 10:00 pm

      • Tuesday..................7:00 am - 10:00 pm

      • Wednesday.........7:00 am - 10:00 pm

      • Thursday...............7:00 am - 10:00 pm

      • Friday........................7:00 am - 11:00 pm

      • Saturday.................7:00 am - 11:00 pm

      • Sunday.....................7:00 am - 11:00 pm

      Home delivery:

      Monday to Sunday from 8h am to 9h pm

      Our clients

      • Lionel Djaito

        The best sandwiches in town and the juices are ... how to say ... deliciously fresh.

      • Maria Grazia Padula

        Every day I order a fruit salad without apple ... 

      • Yasmine Shine

        Hello fruitizz Cotonou your juices are the best cottonou.Frankly I liked the sandwiches and infusions of fruit.

      • Alida COCO

        Fruitizz the effective solution for your children's birthday.

      • Sedjro LAMAIY

        Take your breakfast to fruitizz, you will be satisfied.

      • Clarice TOLY

        Trust fruitizz in full time.

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